Tuesday, 15 March 2011


So I haven't shot lomo for a while, but i hate to admit it. The other day I bought 24 rolls of medium format expired film, and I'm looking forward to fill out the gaps that I've made. I love the feeling when I don't know whats going to come out, I looooove the excitement and the ''Ohhh, this is so imperfect and I love it''. There's something about lomography, it makes me think differently. It's very weird... it's like I suddenly have a different pair of eyes. It's funny how a plastic camera can change my vision, and make me see things that I don't see when shooting digital. Anyways, here are some of the shots - my favourite is the one with the chair.


  1. So pretty! I totally agree about Lomo and I <3 it too x

  2. Sometimes I wish that my life would looked like these photos from lomo. So crazy! I also agree with what you wrote and I am in the process of shooting a new film on my diana mini.
    We'll see what will come of this this time :)

  3. I always wait so impatiently for my new film to process because I know that there is always something special on it - these crazy shots that make you see differently...