Saturday, 26 March 2011


Chillout is the way forward. After researching for some photographers for my project, I came across some work that I'm totally in love with. The funny fact is that I already saw some of this work before, and I never appreciated it. This just shows how taste can change. Sometimes I like to get away from looking at photographs of ''perfect girls'' and trendy clothes. Real stories, real people, amazing concept, narrative... 

Sam Taylor Wood - Escape Artist

Elina Brotherus - Model Studies

Alec Soth - The Seneca

Lise Sarfati - Suzannah #23

Richard Avedon - Kate Moss

Shizuka Yokomizo

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Days go past so fast (yep, that rhymed) but I just feel... I feel like a robot. Most of the past days feel empty and exhausting - I wake up, do my college work, process my film, do college work, eventually eat, do college work, sleep... and over and over again. I'm exhausted with this daily routine. I want some quality time that I can enjoy - productive time, fun time, me and you, you and me, me and people, time alone, movie time. You name it, i-want-it! My head is just wrapped up into Uni work now, I feel like my own slave. I enjoy the shooting, it's good to be shooting squares again. I want to do this, I know i do. But can I? My workbook is my stalker - it doesn't let me sleep! Anyway, my room is a mess (it looks like a bomb just exploded!) I don't need to tell you what a messy room means... stupid metaphors.

Here are two shots that I took yesterday...

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


So I haven't shot lomo for a while, but i hate to admit it. The other day I bought 24 rolls of medium format expired film, and I'm looking forward to fill out the gaps that I've made. I love the feeling when I don't know whats going to come out, I looooove the excitement and the ''Ohhh, this is so imperfect and I love it''. There's something about lomography, it makes me think differently. It's very weird... it's like I suddenly have a different pair of eyes. It's funny how a plastic camera can change my vision, and make me see things that I don't see when shooting digital. Anyways, here are some of the shots - my favourite is the one with the chair.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


I love it. I just love the movie script. How much more can you fall in love with a movie? It's perfect. Anyway, today has been a shit day perhaps? I'm going nuts. Seriously, you do this to me all the time, but i forgive you. I understand your point i guess, but I'm still going dulali! All I want now is some lush bombs, tea, radio and a heart to heart chat. The perfect night in. I'm waiting, impatiently.