Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Tube.

The London Underground.

For a month I've been working on a UNI project called 'Contemporary London'. It's not the type of photography that I'm really into, but this project has helped me a lot. I mean, we all hate the crowdy trains & platforms, we hate it when we don't get a seat and we hate it when people push into the closing doors. The tube is a big part of our monotonous London life & that's where the magic starts to dissapear. I've changed my mind about the London Underground. It's actually fascinating. I love people. I love it when they wave to the camera and make eye contact (I love it even more if it's a nasty one) ... These are just a 'few' shots that I took. Forgive me, the quality isn't great as the scans were made only for contact sheets.

Apart from finishing my project, it's half term in a few days. That makes me happy. I'm really looking forward to Christmas for some reason. I just want some quality time. I just want you to be free... for once. Today was silly. It hurts, but I'll always want to be your favourite girl.


  1. zdecydowanie tez musze tam porobic zdjecia. piekne Sandi.

  2. Zrobiłaś świetny projekt. Naprawdę.